Margaret Fuller’s 200th Birthday Celebration

Fuller to Emerson:  “You are intellect, I am life!” Two signature works on the wall introducing Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage” upon entering Pierre Ménard Gallery: Margaret Fuller – Muse for ‘Woman in the 21st Century‘ (upper left) and Mask of Persephone, by Suzanne Benton, who performed in theContinue reading “Margaret Fuller’s 200th Birthday Celebration”


REBIRTH: Suzanne Benton’s “Persephone and Demeter”

This fascinating piece of American history makes the Pierre Menard Gallery apt for an exhibition incorporating the  underworld descent into its theme.  So when Suzanne told me her Persephone mask was available, I rejoiced.  And not only that, she agreed to do her marvelous Persephone/Demeter performance for the opening.

A Woman Without Labels

“Humanity is divided into Men, Women, and Margaret Fuller” — Edgar Allan Poe Tanya Ragir installing Sacred Geometry at the Pierre Menard Gallery, May 22, 2010 …the sixth piece of the hexagon The installation of the exhibition went off without a hitch, until we reached the discussion about labels.  To have them or not have them?  IContinue reading “A Woman Without Labels”

Woman in the 21st Century

Woman in the 21st Century Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage It is both ironic and fitting that the exhibition containing the iconography of a new art movement was launched by an ancient symbol.  The confrontation took place exactly a year ago, just a few blocks from the Pierre Menard Gallery where this exhibition unfolds onContinue reading “Woman in the 21st Century”

Mother’s Day: Margaret Fuller Service

May 8.  I gave my sermon on “Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage” on Mother’s Day with Lee Sulivan and Rev. Ron Sala who gave my children’s story about Margaret as Mother before a stack of books by writers who made it into the American canon through her companionship, nurturing and/or inspiration:  Ralph Waldo Emerson,Continue reading “Mother’s Day: Margaret Fuller Service”

Shaking up the American Canon

April 11.   Lightening struck in Boston last weekend as the American canon got shaken up by a Boston Historical Society Conference on “Margaret Fuller and her Circles.” The last Margaret Fuller conference was in 1995 at Babson College, the year that Joan Von Mehrem’s Minerva and the Muse was published. In the past fewContinue reading “Shaking up the American Canon”