Aldo Tambellini creating a circle in performance; “Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage” at Pierre Menard Gallery, 19 June 2010

“…the self out-cast artist has failed to realize where his job lies and because of a certain ‘romantic’ attitude upon his part objected in becoming a sociable human being and wanted to be either left alone or left in the hands of a business-man dealer who nursed the desire of the artist who wanted to create, not for the benefit of society, but making art a release of his own frustration.  In wanting to be ‘Modern,’ the artist  saw himself being pushed out as an individual and his attitude became one of screaming and protests…

Collaboration will mean reentering and participating with the spirit of our time.  Collaboration will mean integrating the arts and thus make one aware of the important task which each individual contributes in his field.  Collaboration will establish contacts with artist all over the world. For collaboration will mean participation of every country towards the importance of social projects.  This will establish a universal visual language.  This will break down national egoism and isolation which has become the cause of many past antagonisms.  Collaboration will be an incitement for construction towards spiritual and social projects in which man will apply his effort towards the benefit of humanity.  Collaboration will bring the synthesis of the arts.  Collaboration will re-evaluate the artist as a participant and a member of his society.  It will then offer a place and demand for the artist who has always, during the history of time, increased the spiritual enjoyment of our life.”

— Aldo Tambellini, “Toward an Age of Integration and Collaboration of the Arts,” June, 1954


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#hieroshiva is the brand for the multimedia products created by Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld, a Kulturindustrie theorist and media philosopher of the Hieros Gamos

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