August 9, 2010

Aaron Olshan with his "Emergence"

Yes, Yes, Yes, Dionysius!

The opening of Woman in the 21st Century: Margaret Fuller and the Sacred Marriage was a portal to the god of wine and song, which takes the word celebrity back to its origins in “the celestial”   The stars are lined up for a new holistic order reflected in the sacred geometry of January 23, 1997.  The Seal of Solomon.

The curator and cultural critic Ed Rubin before Grace Roselli's "Breastfeeding"

Jose Vargas, Aaron Olshan and Grace Roselli before Aldo Tambellini's "Seed of Persephone"

Two legends, Larry Qualls and Richard Kostelanetz, before Chris Twomey's "Triumph of the XX: XX & XY"

DIanne Bowen and her Sacred Marriage partner beside her "Cherry Blossom."

Photographer Nikki before Nancy Spero's "La Putain"

Writer and artist Roberta Allen before Heide Hatry's "Ouroboros"

Marni Kotak with her production stills from "Pleasure War" inspired by the Inanna mythos

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