RIchard Move's finger pointing to his "Bardo," creating a T square with Josef Zoltan's "Richard Move as Martha Graham"


"Katherine Crockett" as RIchard Move's "Bardo"


Richard Move, just arrived at HP Garcia Gallery on August 20, passing before Aldo Tambellini's "Arrival"
Richard Move contemplating the juxtaposition of his personal transformation from cross genderperformer to mythical filmmaker. Tambellini's "Pregnant Woman" is just visible in the background and Carolee Schneemann's transgender "Ask the Goddess" to his side.

‘We must simply note that the divinities of cosmic fertility are, for the most part, either hermaphrodites or male one year and female the next.”

— Mircea Eliade — Patterns of Comparative Religion

“The divine androgyny we find in so many myths and beliefs has its own theoretical and metaphysical significance.  The real point of the formula is to express–in biological terms–the coexistences of contraries, of cosmological principles (male & female) within the heart of divinity.”

–Mircea Eliade


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#hieroshiva is the brand for the multimedia products created by Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld, a Kulturindustrie theorist and media philosopher of the Hieros Gamos

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