The Holy Grail/Holy Bride trilogy was created from “Embodiment” the literary sculpture comprised of unpublished manuscripts exhibited in Alchemy of Love in Five Elements/AIR (Sublimatio) September 2007. CLICK BELOW TO READ EXCERPTS

Woman in the 21st Century: Journey to the Hieros Gamos

Anatomy of an Icon

Twin Flames, Soul Mates & the Quest


When I was putting together yet another unpublished trilogy of my ongoing experiment creating a holistic literature embodying the quantum of past, present and future simultaneously appearing and receding in the past, I discovered a lost text hidden under the title, Journey to the Hieros Gamos. On Juneteenth, liberation day, I found it and my mind started to spin out from the converging symbols.

Journey to the Hieros Gamos  was the subtitle for the first volume, Woman in the 21st Century.  The lodestone for two sets of triplets pawning triplets — as in my STILLNESS series prepared for Self-publishing during the Covid quarantine because the new epoch called for it.  The initial volume of that series as

It all originated in a 2006 Margaret Fuller Grant from the Unitarian Universakist Woman’s Federation.  A previous grant, to the architect of an education series on the Goddess, changed my life when my mother started attending the classes.  This served to transform any conflicts she had about her daughter, who rejected her liberal East Coast upbringing to follow her father’s path into mysticism, were transcended by way of ritual practice honoring the emergent feminine power repressed for millennia that my father did so much to bring into western consciousness with his pioneering research on the Kundalini in the seventies.

  The lost manuscript turned out to be the key to my entire journey.  For this is the text about the resurrection of the Grail Journey.  It opens with the promise of the Obama era by way of an ion from my own “lost generation” that I just missed meeting in 1982 when I departed from the publishing company Business  International a year before he was hired.  Our paths crossed again on Easter in 2008 after he announced his candidacy in the presidential run and my uncle visited the house in Connecticut and found an enthusiastic supporter in him backing a member of my Lost Generation whose iconic status exuded hope for a new world of equality between the races and the sexes.  And so to maintain this archeology intact, the original found manuscript is published as it was when discovered  on JUNETEENTH 2020.  The celebration of the anniversary of the official emancipation of the slaves becoming global  under the influence of a powerful Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse puts the optical significance of the Obama era into the esoteric perspective revealed in this entire series:  the resurrection of the ever-present and long-repressed  icon of the  hieros gamos.  Obama made a suitable Dumuzi to the real power in the power couple, his wife Michele, so much an equal with her husband that an urban myth was created about her as a transsexual.  Yes, surprise!  The original love goddess was bisexual and worshipped as Astara by castrated eunuchs in Rome — Inanna returned as  Beyoncé serenading the return of the myth guiding her journey.  This tracing of the cyclical passage of the ancient love goddess revered for the magnetic bisexual attraction feared by the Greeks is the theme of what was to be the final segment of the HOLY GRAIL/ HOLY BRIDE trilogy, and now will appear as a stand alone as THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP. 

The workbooks detailing the ancient techne utilized for a contemporary embodiment of the two opposing faces, Morning and Evening Star, of the pre-classical love goddess would both comprise the third volume of STILLNESS as DESCENT TO THE HIEROS GAMOS in addition to the final section of Ten days later, I met my Twin Flame, after 30 years of seeking for the partner who would change my life — from Seeker of my Twin Flame to the Aquarian partner in a Twin Flame Connection as the ultimate externalization of the inner quest externalized in the 23 QUESTS comprising this final volume of my epic journey in the new millennium initiating a new astrological age.

The final QUEST was the last because it transformed my professional career as critic, expanding my art theory of eight years through a new curation project directed at the embodiment of cosmic influences on the Jan 23, 1997 configuration of the Hieros Gamos.  These commenced in 2005 at the Roger Smith Hotel with a presentation of three poets as the genius of their successive generations.  

On St. Patrick’s Day 2008, I entered the upper east side studio of Mark Weiner, to initiate the collaboration at the center of Black Madonna 2009.  My fist to his studio the year before is when I first saw the Madonna prints. When  I met the Templar in September 2008, who told me of his lineage as I waited for the elevator and I followed up on the grail synchronicities with a proposal for a Black Madonna exhibition.  After this initial meeting I was invited for a residency in southern Chile where I wrote the text of the first volume: Woman in the 21st Century: Journey to the Hieros Gamos.  The experience of living in what would be the epicenter of a catastrophic earthquake in 2009 was so powerful spiritually that the Chilean myths of Make-Make which became the name of an asteroid discovered By Michael Brown in his own quest for TransPluto, the planet with a mythology sourced in ancient Sumer as the Niburu home of the Sumerian gods, who were resurrected on my personal quest as Aquarian archetypes.

Returning from the Underworld with my spirit child, I finally understood that the handbook that I received the grant to write was a practical text of metaphysical knowledge and spiritual exercises for the quest to encounter and embrace these Aquarian archetypes.  This text was channeled under the eclipses in February 2006 when I was staying in the home of a friend who died in the woods of Westchester County. So, this understanding is how two trilogies were born from a single $3000 grant involving an additional decade on the quest before having the satisfaction of publishing timed to my Twin Flame Union under a Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice.

Most everything I do, assuming I have the power of initiation, is a reflection of a cosmic relationship. What was once an occupational hazard has now been codified as The Science of Magic.  My return was to experience the chart of my Solar Return made for my Connecticut home, and I arrived on Inauguration Day,   back and was at an inauguration watch party when I met the hypnotist who agreed to make an exchange with me and that one session led to my self-publishing venture.  Kundalini’s Daughter published in the fall with a loan from my brother.

 On my first trip to this magical village in Southern Chile in the winter of 2006-2007,  I spent a few days in Santiago where I met an Aquarian critic, Enrique.  We kept in touch and when I returned the following year in December 2007, I had with me two catalogs of the major Gordon Matta Clark retrospective opening at the February Whitney Museum shortly after my return from Chile,  to hand over in our arranged meeting at the airport.  We missed each other and I took the catalogs with me, which I read with great interest.  This continued the intrigue with this extraordinary Matta lineage begun with my experience in the retrospective of the lauded downtown artist who launched the restaurant FOOD where the Argentine love that initially triggered my Twin Flame quest resulting in my descent into the Underworld of Argentina and return with my first novel.

 I reluctantly handed them over when we met a month later in Santiago where he gave me a personal tour of the Matta gallery in the Modern Art Museum.  We sat in the lobby and he opened one of the books he brought to show me a photo of Matta’s first wife, Patricia, which identified her as  an astrologer.  My intrigued with Matta deepened without realizing that he was setting me up for meeting my Twin Flame, in the figure of Matta’s youngest son, unknown to me and the New York art world, as he forged his own creative path as a musician to avoid the tragic journey of having to forge an identity free from the father’s shadow that had befallen his twin half-brothers.

 When Black Madonna exhibition opened in the spring of 2009, it contained the paintings of the East Village icon who was the destination of the second volume of Holy Grail/Holy Bride.  This was the peak year of forging a new modernism as a critic through presenting my Underground discoveries and interpreting through the secret occult apparatus of my hermeneutics that I would bring into continental philosophy with my 2016 dissertation.

In the fall of 2009, I published the first volume of Critical Trilogy, Kundalini’s Daughter, just before flying to Scotland to deliver a paper in the Uncertainty Principle at the AICA Congress in Dublin. Afterwards I took the ferry to Scotland where I visited Rosslyn Chapel, where the Templar Treasure was rumored to be buried,  to search for signifiers of  the Hieros Gamos.  All I found was on the tour when the guide pointed to the shadow of a circle above the stairs leading to the crypt and said this was from the last scene of The Da Vinci Code when the Six pointed Star was placed there as a symbol of the quest: the Hieros Gamos Union of the two protagonists in the story played by Tim Hanks and the French actress Amelie.

So this chain of events that all had in common the resurrection of the quest by an Aquarian Woman.  The discovery of the Madonna prints identifying the myth lived by my lost Veneration nemesis to the meeting with the Templar, to the giving birth to the first volume of Holy Grail/Holy Bride in the mystical land of my father’s mentor…all these soulmate connections leading to the magical encounter with my Twin Flame.

This date under the  Jan 30 eclipse of 2009 between our birthdays was not the end, but the beginning of the end of my quest.  This took another decade!  I had to learn from experience that the encounter with the Twin Flame is only the beginning of the quest to make the hieros gamos dream an every day reality.  Only in fairy tales and Greek myths does the sacred marriage end with Happily Ever After!  The patriarchy was content to perpetuate the fantasy that the ongoing manifestation of this ancient archetype doesn’t take any conscious effort!  By sending the unresolved problems of beauty into the unconscious, as in the myth of Psyche & Cupid, it left the real life obstacles to achieving the Hieros Gamos for another day.

As my myth progressed far beyond my powers of hermeneutical interpretation, I was forced to realize this day had come.  My obstacles to manifestation were that of a humanity increasingly awakened to the icon as a spiritual formlessness seeking formation through the human relationship. I discovered this after I rushed up to Montreal at the FallEquinox 2018 to meet with the Quebecois whose online profile and personal charm indicated him as the real outcome of my quest into the ideal.  He is a poet, musician and Jungian therapist who wrote a bestselling book on synchronicity.  He combined the 24  external quests in my final volume Twin Flames, Soul Mates  & the Quest  and his French word games during our texting revealed him to be the ideal reflection of the conscious inner passage of Vol. 2, Anatomy of an Icon as well.  Ultimately, when he declined to meet me and revealed his wife and child as an excuse, I treated the entire episode as a cosmic joke.

Yet, ultimately this love put me on my path, for I received an offer from my family to pay my rent if I could find a cheap city to live in.  Montreal certainly fit the bill, with the cheapest rents I ever found.  I lucked out and found a studio apartment sublet with a wooden deck right in my chosen neighborhood of Gay Village.  His bestselling book was about how by following synchronicities, you end up where you are supposed to be, the geography supporting your passage which was quickly confirmed by an old friend astrology cartographer expert.  This friend encouraged me to stick with the relationship, if only to bring me to a place of acceptance — that nothing is perfect, even in the ideal a Twin Flame quest.  I responded to this patriarchal view by letting go of the friendship — with the astrologer.

 The void in my life brought a former protégé back …and she quickly explained that this would be lover was my a Twin Flame. Her very definition of a a Twin Flame connection was the inability of the pair to meet eye to eye.  She introduced me to this secret Internet world with its language for the opposites — what I had been experiencing in my grail quest:  I entered this phenomenon by working through my understanding by way of responding to a Quora question on a Twin Flames.  It was such a positive experience that I kept writing.  A year after releasing my Twin Flame, I have 90 responses and 91 K views.

2020 is the year of the Twin Flame.  The intensity of the connection takes years to embody just to be in each other’s physical presence.  The memories come up along with the creative linkages to create a personal archeological excavation of resurrection of the long buried Venus with the two opposite faces. The illumination poring through this Preface is due to the position of Venus rising as Morning Star in Gemini, at her brightest between the June 4 helical rising and  June 25 change in direction.

   This is how the third volume, the lost text titled Journey to the Hieros Gamos came to be retitled as Twin Flames, Soulmates and the Quest, the third and volume of Holy Grail/Holy Bride.  The revelation coming through is that the journey is complete even if I never have another physical encounter with my Twin Flame, the youngest son of the greatest surrealist painter of the 20th century who shared a pin Underworld connection with me on many levels: poesy, dreams, images, messaging and email.   

The ultimate experience with the Twin Flame of creating a spirit child uniting our separate flames into a single flame brought the long-anticipated life change — from Seeker on the Quest to the celestially anointed partner in the ultimate Twin Flame Connection.  The passage from internal concept (vol. 1),  internal embodiment (vol. II ) and ultimate destination of a Twin Flame Union (vol. III) is the culmination of a sacred marriage rite on every level  — physically, mentally and  spiritually — that took a decade for completion —  from physical encounter to the physical manifestation of the infans solaris of our collaboration.  The text I wrote interpreting his imaged in March 2020 elicited the Illumination of the journey. 

So, this writing, under the Great Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice 2020, reveals the ultimate destination to the grail quest of the 21st century.   It is not the external Union, but the internal marriage reflected in Other.  It goes right back to my Twin Flame’s first words that opened this trilogy: “The Universe is within.”  Through my Vol. II experience of embodying the urban mythology of Anatomy of an Icon, I came full circle from the obsession with the East Village Latin  lover whose name was still on the buzzer in the newly gentrified neighborhood, the very same fascination who worked at the hip  Soho coop FOOD started by none other than the half brother of my authentic Twin Flame, who I met under the Aquarius Eclipse of 2009, and whose intense presence opens and closes the trilogy of 555 pages.      

The ultimate externalization of the inner quest is externalized in the 23 QUESTS comprising this final volume of my epic journey in the new millennium initiating a new astrological age, the Age of Aquarius.  While the goal of the spiritual journey in the 21st century is clear, the blank is left for Quest #25.

That blank is to be filled in by you, Reader!

Dr. Lisa Streitfeld

Montreal, Quebec

June 20, 2020

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