AQUARIUS RISING II: Holy Grail/Holy Bride

In alchemy, the hand is a symbol of fate; but every alchemist knowsfate made conscious is destiny.Two interconnected symbols, the Ouroboros serpent eating its own tail surrounding the Seal of Solomon, catalyzed a shift I had been preparing during the twelve-year cycle of writing this book. At the moment a hand held forth these two symbols, a passage to the unknown united my past, present and future. The date was May 23, 2009. The place was Cambridge. The event was the kick-off for Margaret Fuller’s bicentennial held at one of the oldest churches in America, the First Parish Church in Cambridge.

—Dr. Lisa Streitfeld, “Woman in the 21st Century: Journey to the Hieros Gamos”

This trilogy smashes boundaries between literary categories — as well as the separate humanities disciplines of science, philosophy, archeology and religion.  The titles reveal the progression from the historical figure of Margaret Fuller in active pursuit of the hieros gamos to the formulation of this emergent icon as an art theory and gender-balanced philosophy birthed in the Media Lab of European Graduate Schoolchronicled in Dr. Streitfeld’s Hermeneutics of New Modernism(Atropos Press, 2014).

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