Tanya Wolf Ragir’s “Sacred Geometry”

Tanya Ragir is a multimedia artist transmuting the ideal of the feminine through a unique relationship to the sacred in her materials. Trained in dance and sculpture, a re-visioning of the female form in complete attunement with the natural cycles is at the center of her art project.

Tanya’s investigation into the connection between the female body and natural landforms, with its attendant cycles, injects aliveness into her materials — bronze, resin and clay. Her art reveals the very process by which the authentic expression of the feminine is centered between the opposites, particularly in the historically contentious arena of sensuality versus power.

Collected internationally, her work has received numerous awards and press, having been featured in film and television productions.  Public and private collections include: “Artisan Walk,” City of Brea, CA; Rose Museum at Brandeis University; Columbia College of Dance; Total Art Museum, Seoul, Korea; Cultural Philosophic Center, Stockholm, Sweden; Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation; and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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