Twin Flames

This is the last of the trilogy of narrative nonfiction manuscripts begun with Woman in the 21st Century inspired by my full circle experience with Margaret Fuller.


When I was putting together yet another unpublished trilogy of my ongoing experiment creating a holistic literature embodying the quantum of past, present and future simultaneously appearing and receding in the past, I discovered a lost text hidden under the title Journey to the Hieros Gamos. On Juneteenth, liberation day, I found it and my mind started to spin out from the converging symbols.

Journey to the Hieros Gamos was originally the subtitle for the first volume, Woman in the 21st Century, that wasn’t conceived as a trilogy but a single volume of an Hieros Gamos Handbook to fulfill a grant ward. The lodestone for two sets of triplets pawning triplets — as in my STILLNESS series prepared for Self-publishing during the Covid quarantine because the new epoch called for it. The initial volume of that series as

It all originated in a 2006 Margaret Fuller Grant from the Unitarian Universalist Woman’s Federation. A previous grant, to the architect of an education series on the Goddess, changed my life when my mother started attending the classes. This served to transform any conflicts she had about her daughter, who rejected her liberal East Coast upbringing to follow her father’s path into mysticism, were transcended by way of ritual practice honoring the emergent feminine power repressed for millennia that my father did so much to bring into western consciousness with his pioneering research on the Kundalini in the seventies.

The lost manuscript turned out to be the key to my entire experience. For this is the text about the resurrection of the Grail Journey. It opens with the promise of the Obama era by way of an ion from my own “lost generation” that I just missed meeting in 1982 when I departed from the publishing company Business International just before he started his international career there.

The last QUEST was with my collaborator in Black Madonna 2009 on St. Patrick’s Day 2008 when I saw the Madonna prints in his studio.  I met the Templar in Sept.  2008 and proposed the exhibition Black Madonna.  Then I went to Chile  for the first time and met the Aquarian before returning home around my birthday, who led me to my Twin the following Jan when I returned to Chile. I came back and was at an inauguration watch party when I met the hypnotist who agreed to make an exchange with me and that one session led to my self-publishing venture.  Kundalini’s Daughter published in the fall with a loan from my brother.  My progressed Moon on my progressed MC…I delivered a paper in the Uncertainty Principle at the AICA Congress in Dublin and visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

The quantum wave collapsed on January 20, 2009.  On this momentous occasion, the First Dance between a new president of the United States of America and his wife established a living embodiment of a dynamic union between heaven and earth at the center of world power.  The Myth of Eternal Return, which takes place at the changing of the ages, unfolded during a historic election and completed with the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Wolfgang Pauli viewed the icon of the 21st century emerging from under the collapsed wave. In a culmination of an exchange of letters for over 50 years, the father of modern science and the father of modern psychology, C.G. Jung, predicted this new archetype would be the hieros gamos. Whereas President Barack Obama’s gaze is looking skyward to the Sun where he gets his Leo confidence; his partner, Michelle Robinson Obama, is a Capricorn firmly grounded on the earth. Together they are the living embodiments of the hieros gamos, thereby making real the promise of equal partnership in the Age of Aquarius.

And just in time.  A decade into the 21st century and we can already witness how the dire warnings for the Age of Aquarius have come to pass: we are increasingly slaves to technology. The financial engineering of the financial titans has steered us into a global economic meltdown.  Along the way to this dramatic explosion of our monetary system, we succumbed to the unnatural at every turn.   Our food lost its authenticity and variety through genetic engineering and corporate agriculture.  Drugs consistently alter our moods.  Our bodies move from airtight structures to air-conditioned cars, barely connecting with the natural earth.   Vibrations emitted from gadgets such as cell phones and computers continually interrupt our brain waves.  The 24/7 digital network undermines the body-mind connection.  We are so artificially detached from our own lives that we are unable to spontaneously process sense perceptions and be present as earth beings.

Yet, it has never been more important to be fully present in our bodies. At the first crest of this wave, in the early 1960s, astounding images from space delivered view of our planet as a dynamic and regenerating living source. The resulting Gaia theory provided insight into a new view of our home ground as a globe of energy in which all that moves and lives is interconnected by tremendous natural forces. The Chaos Revolution that followed provided a scientific understanding of the dynamic energies of complex natural systems giving birth to new potentialities of order.

Today, the specter of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 engages us in a new paradox.  By embracing the fear of an ending abstracted in number, we refute the holistic image of the World Tree that the Mayans associated with the Winter Solstice.  What did the astronomers of this ancient civilization know so long ago that led to the calculation of the end of Time? 

Astrology is the most ancient of arts that connect time and space.  The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012 is in perfect alignment with the Galactic Center.  As the planet evolves into this cosmic alignment, surrendering to the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way requires a leap into a new quantum reality in which time is cyclical.  This means embracing the levels of the World Tree (past, present and future) simultaneously, our psyche experiencing our multiple potential futures before our body experiences the destiny chosen by our path, the conscious choices we have made. 

Working with time as elastic to serve the greater good is the potential we all share on the planet.  Aquarius is a complex sign with two rulers representing the opposites of human experience, Saturn (tradition) and Uranus (innovation).  In Greek mythology, these represent the father (Cronos) overthrown by his son, (Oranos).  At its highest potential, this contradictory double rulership integrates Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Saturn).  This is why Aquarius is associated with both genius and insanity.  Genius has the ability to channel the electrical current and insanity is a descent into chaos for the lack of a container.

This duality is summed up in the symbol of Holy Grail as chalice distributing the flow of intuitive knowledge from the collective unconscious.  The Star card in the Tarot depicts an androgynous figure pouring water with one foot on land and the other in the stream.  The incantation of Aquarius is: water of life am I, poured for thirsty men.  Here we have the symbol of Water Bearer as the antidote to the wounded King presiding over a drought stricken land. 

The Aquarian symbol of the double wave and association of the name with water is confusing because this is an air sign.  In addition to filtering the intuition of the collective unconscious to the benefit of humanity, the sign signifies the vibration, the AC/DC electrical current united in the Sacred Marriage of the opposites.  Masculine and feminine are integrated into an internal mystical wedding connecting the circulatory system (ruled by Aquarius) with the heart (ruled by Leo).  This is the modern story of the Grail played out in the Obama presidency.  A Leo with Aquarius rising, Barack Obama is an authentic leader (Leo Sun) connecting the people (Aquarius) to the power of a new archetype.  By the end of this book, we will understand how well suited he is as the living icon of the hieros gamos bringing forth a new culture based on gender equality not only to America but the planet.

The system of tarot has passed the mystical passages of the Grail journey through the ages.   Devised as playing cards, this deck contains the secrets of occult knowledge in their lush imagery.  They were, in fact, the ready means by which this knowledge was transmitted hand to hand.  The four suits represent the four elements.  These are combined with the Major Arcana cards, which represent the archetypal energies the initiate passes through on the way to the quintessential element, the alchemical conjunctio or sacred marriage. The figure consciously engaged on this search is the Magician.  He is pictured with his worktable containing symbols of the four elements: pentacles (earth,), wands (fire), swords (air) and cups (water).  The final image of the Major Arcana is the World.  This card reveals the nude World Dancer within a wreath surrounding the figures of the four fixed Zodiac signs: human (Aquarius), eagle (Scorpio), lion (Leo) and bull (Taurus).  The integration of these four fixed points of the cross represent the successful outcome of the journey: the joyful dance of the spirit on the physical plane.  This image is the sacred in matter denied by western religion, which is why the search for the Grail went underground.

During the Great Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the World Dancer was awakened.  A fixed cross was formed in the heavens while the earth’s shadow passed over the land of the Arthurian legend, Cornwall England. This configuration, and its path, revealed that the deepest realms of the human psyche were engaged in a quest to balance “the four horsemen of the apocalypse.”  While these were originally factored into the formation of the Christian cosmology on the Greek cross, the Church replaced this balance with the trinity.  C.G. Jung believed the quaternary was the geometric formation for the new archetype of the Self, or the hieros gamos, therefore updating the symbol for a new age by adding the spiritual feminine.  Yet, this neo-platonic approach failed to include the dark side of the feminine, the devouring dragon that breaks down form so that new figures may be created. 

The failure to embrace the dark feminine reveals the agony that the planet is suffering today; the breakdown of form without a new cosmology to fill the abyss of the human soul.

This condition is precisely what this book seeks to remedy.  While the globe struggles through a crisis foretold by the Great Cardinal Cross of 2010. where the planets traditionally known as  “malefic” (Saturn, Mars and Pluto) are in a challenging position to Uranus in Aries, the planet of revolution in the sign of the New.   This is the necessary passage to the 2012,as shudder passing through the human body and the globe as the Great Unknown.   At this time we are to be awakened to the god within, relying on our own ingenuity rather than seeking salvation in an external god traditionally seen as punishing the bad and rewarding the good.  

The lack of knowledge regarding our true calling forestalls our ability to recreate ourselves as humans.  We need a roadmap to the psyche, which will provide an authentic passage out of the unnatural environment in which we have placed ourselves.  This book seeks to provide one.  In addition, it offers a new manner of relating to the challenging passage ahead to embody a new archetype that will lead us out of an abyss in which our lives our rapidly becoming indistinguishable from machines.

Ironically, it is the mythical legend that arose in western culture at the last change of millennium that can heal the human “machine.”  The Grail stories were originally derived from the Celtic oral tradition.  They were written down as Christian stories dealing with the loss of connection with the Spring of Renewal, the healing Fountain of Life associated in ancient astrology with the sign of the Fish, representing the Great Goddess.  Entering our literary tradition in the Age of Chivalry, these narratives can heal us today because of the link they portray between the environment and the human psyche, which has been polluted by the destruction of nature and threatened of its existence by global warning.

In the mystical world of the Grail legend, the archetypal figure of Merlin possessed the magical blending of these elements required for the manifestation of the intangible– quintessential element — the transformed spirit known as the anima mundi. 

The hypothesis, running through this book, is that the search for the Grail was an attempt to excavate the Great Fish of the ancient Pisces symbol.  This symbol of the single fish pouring water from its mouth into the cup of the Water Bearer entered the Roman era as a duality: two fishes swimming in opposite directions linked by a slender chord.  The Great Fish represented the Great Goddess.  The search for the Grail is a search for unity with nature.  Eros — the first divinity emerging from the world egg – represents the primordial longing for the soul mate represented by the two fish.  Swimming in opposite directions, the two halves form the whole of the earlier constellation, The Great Fish, fated to be forever connected (the chord symbol) but never to enjoy the sacred union of the one Goddess.  This cosmology was reflected in the Christian duality of Heaven and Hell, as well as Virgin Mother and Mary Magdalene.  For this reason, Christian believes continue to suffer from the Madonna/Whore complex and projection that keeps them forever alienated from uniting with a soul mate.

Today, we have the opportunity to create a new myth with symbols that adequately reflect the cosmology.  This book has been channeled through the struggle to integrate the opposing forces that dominate my life path, Aquarius (my Sun) and Leo (my ruler, in opposition to my Sun), as a super-conscious effort to get the cosmology right.

The Sacred Marriage Rite was an annual ritual to integrate the opposites originating in the Fertile Crescent. The theology supporting the archetype of the hieros gamos was buried along with the relics carrying this mythology. In the beginning of the 20th century, the excavation of the cuneiform tablets containing the myths of the Sacred Marriage and the archetypal energies of the gods unearthed an icon infusing sacred in matter. Such a powerful archetype, however, was never completely buried. The energy has been forever finding new ways to express its qualities of heaven and earth, high and low, consciousness and eros. All this has been preparation for the Age of Aquarius, where every individual is guided by their personal constellation of stars to the bliss of the hieros gamos. This book contains the story of my journey.

—Lisa Streitfeld, 2019

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